What is reiki?
The word reiki means universal life force energy and it is pronounced Rey Key. Reiki is the ancient hands on healing practice which was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1900s. Reiki is a holistic therapy which treats the entire person including the physical and emotional aspects of the being.

We all have life force energy flowing through us, as a reiki practitioner I have had my energy channels opened and cleared meaning that I now recieve an increased level of life force energy and I am connected to the source of Chi (energy). This happened when I was attuned by my reiki master, I have had attunement for level 1 reiki and then again for level 2 reiki which is practioner level. When I have the intention of channeling reiki energy there is a flow of energy which comes out through the palms of my hands, this energy is not coming from me but through me. I am just being used as a channel for the energy to reach the client, the reiki comes from a higher source.
Reiki will never harm you, only help you. Reiki can help with many things including stress, anxiety, issues with pent up anger and emotions, sleep problems, aches and pains in the body and general well being. This is by no means a comprehensive list, there are too many benefits to list.

So what can you expect to happen during a reiki treatment with me? After completing your consultation form you will lie on your back on my massage couch fully clothed, you will be covered with a blanket and made comfortable. I begin the treatment from the top of your head and work down to your feet, sending energy to the 7 main chakra points and the bodys organs. Once I reach your feet I return to your head and give reiki to the seven chakra points again balancing them. When I finish the treatment I will touch you on the shoulder to let you know that the treatment has finished. I will then ask to you remain lying on the couch for a few minutes while I go and get you some cool water to drink. Reiki like all the holistic therapies removes toxins from the body so drinking water is important to flush these toxins away and out of the body. The treatment will last for one hour.

I work as a hands on reiki practioner, some people hover their hands over the body for the entire treatment but I only hover over the breast and groin areas on ladies and over the groin area on the gentlemen. During the treatment it is comon to feel heat (often intense) coming from my hands, some areas may feel cool or tingly depeding on what the your energy in that particular area of the body is doing or if there are any energy blocks or old emotions stored there. It is quite comon for emotions and old unhealthy energy to be released during a treatment. Most people sleep and sleep deeply but wake up feeling refreshed. My clients have given feed back to me that they feel like a weight has been lifted off them, that they feel brighter within themselves, that they have had better sleep, that they have felt calmer and more positive and they have let go of their stress.